About Us

Global3DHub.com, A unit of Knostic Technologies Private Limited is your one-stop destination for Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printers, Filaments, 3D Scan, 3D Education and Business Solutions.

We are 3D Generation, we aim to take large-scale 3D printing to the masses and make it available to all individuals.

Knostic Technologies is a “Digital Manufacturing Solution Provider” aims to bring the digital manufacturing world into the traditional manufacturing world to create an advanced, positive, and complete end to end engineering solutions. With the world heading to On-demand manufacturing and ZERO inventory waste, we are helping our customers establish Digital Factories by providing End to End Business Solutions.

We are unique in the region and with our diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment, offer complete end-to-end design to manufacturing solutions for new product development – to revolutionize the way industrial products are created. We use 3D technologies extensively from Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Medical, Consumer Goods and Packaging, to the Media, Arts, Education and Entertainment sectors. Knostic Technologies is the trusted partner to assist local industries to evolve their businesses, through its extensive know-how in all aspects of 3D technology platforms.

We are the Digital Store supplying 3D printing services for low-volume and customized production. The company is at the forefront in manufacturing away from the traditional mass production line factory to the latest ‘on the fly manufacturing‘ to create innovative local goods in the digital age with the best service.

3D Printing (also referred to as Additive Manufacturing or Direct Digital Manufacturing) provides completely new ways to create products without the restrictions of traditional manufacturing so that more innovative products can be produced – on-demand.


Most of the times it happens that customers cannot work on their 3D printing needs themselves and hire a 3D printing services. Companies prefer these services as their project is handled by an expert and they can save their time while concentrating on other projects.