Knostic Academy

Knostic Academy is into the mission of revolutionizing the future by sculpting the budding aspirants through enhancing their skills set updated according to the constantly transforming demand in industries.

We are involved in the process of yielding innovators by sowing the seed of 3D technology into their creative minds and train them to be potent enough to face and live in the next industrial revolution.

Learning 3D training from us assures you a place in tech-driven working space where we are 100% capable of placing all the students who undergoes 3D training with us.

What Knostic Academy does?

We do a tie-up with the different level of educational institutions to train their students and make them experts in the field of 3D Printing and Robotics. Ranging from Primary to graduating engineering students, we focus on a wide group in delivering personalized 3D printing and related training to them.

3D Printing and Robotics Training for Schools

Educating school students from scratch about 3D printing and its allied technologies and providing them with enough space to try out different approaches regards to 3D printing from the primary level. We focus on all level of students and provide them with dedicated practical and theoretical training to gain enough knowledge on 3D Printing and Robotics.

We are lead player in providing STEM education for students and have successfully implemented 3D Printing in teaching approach of schools.

What Knostic Academy does?

Dedicated and useful curriculum that embeds 3D based learning

Enhances students’ participation in all the subjects

Enriches creativity in students’ learning process subjects

Helps students to choose their career path subjects

3D Printing Training for Engineers

Knostic Academy provides not just better clarity to aspiring Engineers, it also educates them regarding its industrial deployment, by giving thoughtful insights on its impact over industrial transformations. Our focused training initiates from the deployment of 3D related technology and their applications in their practical subjects which makes them a productive engineer tomorrow.

Graduates Adopting 3D Print Pathway

Gives better clarity on concepts in any subject

Convert a graduate into Subject Matter Expert

Helps students to come out with innovative ideas

Make them industry fit and actively contribute in work


The primary motto of Knostic Academy is to seal the gap between the industrial requirements and the persisting knowledge of engineers. Industrial experts feel that only 10% of graduated freshers are meeting their requirement, the advent of new technologies is so radical, and we help graduated engineers to get trained in a better way and stay alive with updated knowledge on required technology. We conduct 4 week and 8 week internships respectively to provide maximum training.

Perks in our 3D Printing


Industry valid Certificate


Educating Technology Implementation


Giving ideas on industries adptabiliy to 3D Printing


Direct industrial exposure

To Whom We Provide

Mechanical Engineers
Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Automobile Engineers

3D Academy for Professionals

Upskill your technical expertise now by learning 3D printing techniques from Knostic Academy, that make you a highly demanded resource in the industry, a great contributor to your organization’s growth and deliver flawless work to your clients. We deliver end-end 3D consultation service to corporates that includes setting up precised 3D labs to training your employees.


Learning 3D printing from us not just takes the working professionals an extra mile, but it also opens the gate of self-employment by servicing clients on their own hands.