Knostic Team helps its clients with parts data and documentation using reverse engineering services. We generate CAD models of objects howsoever complex they are. These reverse Engineered models are perfectly of same geospatial shape and data as the original and having same parametric features which can be worked upon digitally.

Experienced engineers

Reverse engineering is a complex process and the expertise of engineers play a crucial role in the final output. Other factor is the use of latest scanning instruments that gives accurate results. Knostic Team have engineers and technicians having a huge experience in handling reverse engineering needs of our clients across different verticals. We will customise the right CAD package that you are looking for.

Reverse Engineering Services at Knostic Technologies : Benefits

  • Getting all aspects of an objects design and ouput that into CAD format
  • Deliver accurate digital 3D models & CAD assemblies of physical objects which can be used in design, engineering as well as manufacturing.
  • Use of latest Geomagic 3D scanners and reverse engineering software which further makes the process of digitally representing the physical world fast, easy and accurate.
  • Rapidly process 3D scans and point clouds into polygon and surface models
  • Combine scan data and existing 3D data in full, watertight 3D models
  • Read the 3D data rapidly into native MCAD platforms with feature-based history data or as neutral 3D formats
  • Deliver results quickly and build productivity into your design and engineering workflow

We Use Advanced Scanning Tools

Knostic Team uses the  advanced  scanners which provides fast scanning to an micron level accuracy.